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Mentoring – Basics

Mentoring Topics

Business Basics


  • Branding
  • Finding your niche
  • Choosing your ideal customer
  • Building a schedule


  • Setting goals & making plans
  • Stacking tasks to optimize time
  • What will get you the best return
  • What you should focus on first

Time Management

  • Calendar blocking
  • Batching content
  • Batching product creation
  • Body doubling & accountability

Managing Orders

  • Consultations
  • Proposals
  • Invoicing
  • Replying to inquiries

Choose from my available Business Services:

1:1 Mentor Sessions

Starting at $85.00

Mentor Sessions are one-on-one video calls that can help with nearly any obstacle you’re facing in your creative business! We’ll discuss your business and address all of your questions and pain points, then work together to come up with solutions.

Website Audit

Starting at $50.00

Get the most out of the website for your small business with an audit that will provide you with a list of changes and updates for you to optimize it in order to boost your chances of showing up in your customers’ Google searches.

The White Violet NJ

“Katie is a fantastic listener who immediately understood what I am trying to capture in terms of my logo design and overall style. I walked away from our call confident that I am heading down the right path.
Katie zeroed in on my needs and my overall aesthetic in no time at all and had great suggestions and feedback.