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Website Audit Example

Blue Dahlia Designs

Created with WordPress & WooCommerce

You’re off to a fantastic start!

You have…

  • Lots of valuable information
  • Clear navigation
  • A call to action on every page
  • Contact information is easily available
  • A great custom favicon (the icon in the top bar next to your site title)


Google Analytics/Search Console

Google Business Profile

  • Another Blue Dahlia Designs, with a similar logo, comes up instead of you
  • Make a profile so that you’re more likely to come up

Headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.)

  • You have too many heading elements throughout the site
  • Make sure that heading elements really are headings
  • H1 and H2 headings should include keywords
  • Try writing out your page content as an outline to see what should be a headline & where.
  • You should be able to change what heading is used for product listings
    • On the product pages, the product title is an H1 – that’s good!
    • On other pages/sections (related products, shop list, etc.) the product titles are H2 – switch to H4 or even just regular text, maybe bolded


  • All images (other than decorative) need alt tags
  • Going to the Media Library and filling out the “Alternative Text” section will apply it to the images anywhere you use them on your site
  • Look into styles – a random oval shows up at the top of images when you click to see them larger
  • Consider using a plug-in to minimize image file sizes. I personally use one from my host (SiteGround) but have also used “TinyPNG” before.

Contact Page

  • “Get a Quote” button on the homepage goes to Contact Page, which doesn’t have a form
  • Needs to have a contact/order form
  • Email & phone should be linked, like in the footer


  • Each page needs to have a description
  • Each page needs a relevant title with at least one keyword
  • Try downloading the Yoast SEO plug-in. It’s very easy to use!

Headings Structure


  • Heading 1
    • Welcome to Blue Dahlia Designs
  • Heading 2
    • These flowers aren’t real!
    • Featured Flowers
    • Reach out for a custom quote!
    • Quick Links
    • Important Links
    • Address
  • Heading 3
    • They’re sola wood


  • Heading 1
    • SHOP
  • Heading 2
    • Every item title
    • Top rated products
    • Featured Products


  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
    • Why should I use sola wood flowers for my wedding?
    • Wedding
    • Why Blue Dahlia Designs?
    • What’s the Process Look Like?
  • Heading 3
    • They last FOREVER!
    • Allergen-free!
    • Summer Wedding?
    • Flowers are ALWAYS in season!
    • Color options are LIMITLESS!
    • Cost-Effective!
    • Step 1 – Consultation
    • Step 2 – Estimate/Deposit
    • Step 3 – Order Up!
    • Step 4 – Pick Up/Delivery!

About Us

  • Heading 1
    • ABOUT US
  • Heading 2
    • I’m passionate about bringing the beauty of flowers to others in a sustainable and cost effective way.
    • Please contact us with any questions or to place a custom order:
  • Heading 3
    • Behind Blue Dahlia Designs is Katie York, Owner and Designer

Contact Us

  • Heading 3
    • Contact Details

Privacy Policy

  • Heading 1
    • Privacy Policy
  • Heading 2
    • All section titles

Shipping, Delivery & Returns

  • Heading 1
    • Shipping, Delivery & Returns
  • Heading 3
    • Shipping:
    • Delivery:
    • Returns:


  • Heading 2
    • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Heading 3
    • All questions

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