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Learn how to effectively market yourself, so that you can focus on creating your art.

Starting a business is huge – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Have you established your business, gotten set up legally, etc. but now you’re wondering things like…

  • Where the hell do I start?
  • How do customers find me?
  • How do I get orders?
That’s where marketing comes in. That’s how I can help.

Hey, I’m Katie!

I’ve been running my own creative business – Heart and Sola Creations – since 2017, and in September 2021, my flowers business became my full-time job!

With 10+ years of experience building websites, marketing numerous types of businesses, and running my own… I am here to provide creative business & marketing help – both in the sense that I work with creative businesses, but also that, together, we come up with creative ideas and solutions.

More About Katie

One-on-One Creative Business Help

Being a creative with ADHD, I know all too well that the common, or “normal,” approaches & techniques for running a business don’t translate very well to running a successful creative business.

We can cover just about anything during your one-on-one mentoring session.

If you have heard business advice that’s left you even more confused, don’t fret! I’m here to help you through one-on-one sessions, weekly Live videos in my online community, and resource-filled blog posts.

Not sure what you need help with?

Request a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call!

A Discovery Call is a one-on-one video call where we will work together to figure out what you should focus on first.

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