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Instagram Challenge 2022

Overhaul Your Instagram:

Make your Instagram do the work so you can focus on your art.

Someone checking their Instagram insights on their phone.

Are you up for the challenge?

Have you ever thought…

  • What’s the point? Social media marketing doesn’t work.
  • Instagram is too much/too hard to learn!
  • I just want to make art, why do I have to be on Instagram?
  • It takes too much time to manage my Instagram.
then this challenge is for YOU.

This Challenge will help you…

Optimize your Instagram profile to speak to your ideal customers.
Nurture your current followers with effective content.
Have more time for your art by planning content in advance.
Meet the Challenge host.

Hey, I’m Katie!

I’ve been running my successful wood flowers business for 5 years. Nearly all of my customers have found me online, and many of them found me on Instagram specifically.

With 10 years of experience in designing & developing websites, online marketing, and running social media accounts, I’ve seen what works in the online world.

I can’t wait to share my tips and secrets with you!

What’s inside?

  • 5 Daily Lesson Emails
  • Homework with Actionable Steps
  • Instagram Insights Tracker