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Pinterest Basics for Small Businesses

Recorded live on March 31, 2022, in my Facebook Group.

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Oh, hello. It is the week of Pinterest. It is the week everybody has been waiting for. I’m very excited to get into it. Wow. There is so much to cover. I did schedule that tonight would be 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes. So hopefully people have more of a chance to get on here. Ask any questions they have tonight is total basics. It’s like, what the hell is Pinterest? Why should I care? And how do I get started? Because once you hear about it, I am sure you are going to care. Sorry. If you hear my cat running around, he has decided to finally wake up.

I don’t know if you saw or if I posted in the group or not, but last week, like right after the live ended, he jumped up on me and sat up here and like put his tail across my face because you know, that’s, that’s what cats do. So if you are here, please say hello in the comments. If you’re watching the replay, let me know if you have any questions at any point, whether it’s exactly what I’m talking about at that second, or just for Pinterest in general, just drop them in the comments. I’ll try to answer them as best I can. Hi, Lisa, thanks for joining me. Let me know if you have any questions.

Trying to figure out my screen, the videos, like up at the top and in the comments are below it, but so like I have to scroll to see the comments and it’s just, it’s very confusing for my poor little brain. So please bear with me. Hi Shelley. Thanks for joining. All right. So what is Pinterest? Let’s start there. Cause a lot of people consider Pinterest a social media platform and it’s not a social media platform. It is a search engine. It is a visual search engine. Think of it like Instagram and Google, like put together because every pen needs some graphical element, whether it’s graphical. Is that even a word? Holy moly, today’s going to be fun, but I need an image or a photo or a video or something and text.

And then it’s mostly used for people searching for things because the search engine, I think it’s number three in the world. So it’s Google and then YouTube and then Pinterest for where people go when they need to search for things.

If you have planned a wedding since Pinterest has been around, you probably used it at some point for planning.

All right. If anyone here has used Pinterest, whether you create Pinterest, create pins or just go on there and save things, let me know.

I would like to know I have used Pinterest probably since it started.

Obviously I’ve only had an account where I create pins as long as I’ve had a business, which is the last like four or five years, but that’s still like, that’s so long, especially in the world of like the internet, just that they’ve survived this long. Hi Cassie. She said, she’s so excited for this tutorial. Yay. Thanks for joining.

So like I was saying, it is a search platform. So if you go onto, I’m pretty sure you can’t do anything unless you create an account first there, one of those things, and then it’ll just start populating with like, what’s popular right now, like on your home feed, which is kind of like the home screen or like your newsfeed on Facebook or whatever they call it on Instagram or your, for you page on Tik TOK. It’s just like, what’s popular at first. And then as you start pinning things and creating boards, it’ll get to know what you’re looking for. And then it’ll be more catered toward the things that it thinks you want to see.

Shelly said, I just typically pin things, but now I need to use it for my business. Yes, yes, yes. Cassie said, I used to use Pinterest back in a day as a consumer and loved it, but then hated when they shifted to having so many ads and stopped using them as often. Very often. Yeah. I mean, that’s how that all is, right? I mean, we all love Tik talking 2020, and now every other videos and ad, but the value is still there. So it’s, it can be worth it to get to like deal with the ads. I’ve also seen some really creative ads on Pinterest. I saw one that I actually like took it to my husband and I was like, look at this ad.

This is so creative because on mobile it’s a two column scream of pins and someone had bought an ad for both sides, but they designed it to look like two different ads to different pins. And it was a video of someone like reaching out of one and into the other. And it totally threw me for a loop. And then I was like, oh, this is like, that’s clever as hell. And I don’t even remember what the ads for. So maybe it wasn’t quite as good as I think, but it definitely got my attention.

And sorry if I’m like speedy talking, I’m on like my second big ass cup of coffee today.

I guess it’s nine o’clock and yet I’m still drinking coffee. It’s

all right. So for those of you who are here, would you rather hear more about like what a profile should be or like what pins are like, where should we start? Where do you want to start? I can start either way. Does anyone have a preference? Give you a second to answer? Because sometimes there’s a leg and if nobody answers, I’ll just pick one.

Cassie said you’re doing perfect. We all have tick talk attention span now. Good to know. I know I talk really fast and I try to slow down. It doesn’t help. It doesn’t actually happen. So setting up a professional profile. All right, well that’s the first one I saw. So that’s what we’re going to do.

So first starting a profile, you can either start a whole new profile or I believe you can switch, like from a personal to a business. I would say start a new one as a business with your business email and like all that kind of stuff. Start fresh. That’s usually the best way to go.

How do you make a business account? So when you sign up for an account, it’ll give you options. And if there isn’t an option, there’s like a S like you can go to settings and change. What kind of profile you have. It’s kind of like Instagram, where you can switch from like a personal to business to create or whatever. But on Pinterest, there’s just, I don’t know what they call like a regular one, but there’s a business account and you just select a business account. Okay.

Lori’s here. Hello. She said profile for her business. Kathy says also like, how does it work as a business? Like literally, what do you do? Right? Like where your head’s at. All right. So you make the profile. It’s actually super simple. It’s going to walk you through and be like, okay, well, what’s your name? And what’s your business name? And what’s your website and stuff like that.

If you have a website, I would strongly recommend you have a website that will make Pinterest a million times easier. You can claim it. And there they’ll give you like a code that you can put onto your website. And then you just tell them to like, all right, go look for the code on my website. And if they find it, it will be a verified website. And then you’ll have like the link right in your profile. So people can click to get to your website straight from your profile profile, not necessarily straight from a pin, which they can still do, but having it right on your profile is super handy.

Have I lost anybody yet?

I hope not. Haven’t done too much on your profile. You will be able to have a cover photo. And the cover photo is a 16 by nine. So what a typical, like if you take a picture with your phone this way, like that’s the, usually that is the dimensions that you would need for that. So in Canva you can do it as like a presentation. It’s like a 16 to nine ratio use one of the canvas templates. That kind of thing. I would say, put like your business name or what you do in that image and keep it to like the center in case it gets cropped in any way of when people are on their phones or, you know, whatever, as of right now, your profile pictures of circle in the very middle at the bottom.

So definitely don’t put anything at the bottom of that image because your picture will get in the way and then it won’t be readable.

Shall I said, she switched her personal to business and lost all your boards. That is scary. That’s another reason to just start a whole new one, but oh my goodness, message me later. We’ll try to find them. I would hope that they’re not actually gone

And I can put a link. Would it be helpful to put a link to my Pinterest in the comments for people to go check out? I don’t know, like if you’re on your phone and you switch from here to Pinterest, like you might stop watching the live and they know miss all the info, but I’ll put up there for the replay.

Actually. I’ll just add it afterward. I think. Cause I don’t want to send people away and then get all confused and stuff like that. So I will put a link to my Pinterest so you can all see what I do later. Cassie said, yes, please. I will definitely put it in probably on the event or in, just in the group for everyone to take a look at it. So I have it on my other side of the screen. So you have your, your cover. Like I said, it’s a 16 by nine. You can put whatever you want in there. I have a picture. That’s like my brand color. And then I have three images like on it, like within it. And then my logo, it says what flowers by heart and solar creations like really big.

And then for weddings, events, gifts, and decor.

So if you land on my page, it’s going to be pretty obvious. What, what you’re going to get my underneath. That is your title.

And mine is a custom wood wedding, flowers by heart and solar creations.

I’m not sure what the character limit is here, but it’s not super long. So keep that in mind And for your profile, picture this, I say, treat it the same way as Instagram and everywhere else, where it’s a picture of your face, not your logo. It’s up to you, which one you do. But I would say it’s more appropriate to have a logo on Pinterest than it is on Instagram. Since Instagram social, you want your face, but on Pinterest, you might want it to be a little bit more obvious that you’re a business. So honestly like it’s, it’s up to you. I just have my picture. So it’s the same across all of my platforms. So people are looking for me.

They can very easily identify which one’s me.

And then below your title, it’ll have your username, which should be your business name. Mine is heart and soul. The creations, all one word, no periods or anything like that. It is the same on there at the same one, Instagram, same on Tik TOK. Same on Facebook. Consistency is really helpful, but I mean, if it might not matter as much, but for my to keep my heart happy I do as consistent. Keep it as consistently as possible. They also recently, I don’t know how recently, but like probably within the last year, I would say offered the option to add in your pronouns. So mine has my title and then it has my username as heart and solar creations and then a little bullet. And then she slash her. So that’s nice.

You don’t have to add them if you don’t add them, that’ll just be blank. There just won’t be anything there. But I would say add them if you’re, you know, into that kind of thing, I’m very into like, not excluding inclusion, being inclusive of everyone. So I have my pronouns on there.

Any other questions coming up? Just throw them at me. I’ll get to them below. That is going to be your link. If you have one verified and if you’re going to have a business account, you should have a website to be verified there. As far as I know, it has to be your own domain. You can link to any link. Like when you make a pin, it has to have a link and that can be pretty much anything.

But for this one, it has to be your website. So if you have, if you only have an Etsy, I’m not sure you can have that there.

Like if you only have a Facebook page, I don’t know if you can have that there, you have to be able to have that like code set into your website and you can’t do that on social media, but I can look into that more and get you a more positive, positive Words. Oh my gosh. I called my bedroom, the kitchen earlier tonight. Like my words are just anyway. So there’s your website. So mine’s is heart and It has a little icon in front of it, like a little world with a check mark because it’s a verified website. And then you have a description. Wait, sorry, code, did I miss something possibly? Or I just blew past it like way too quickly.

So when you’re making an account and setting up your website, it’ll tell you that you can verify your website and it’s essentially just like claiming it as yours, but no one else can make a web, make a Pinterest and claim your website kind of thing. It also helps with rich pins, which are like an advanced thing that we’re not really going to get to tonight.

But yeah, it’ll give you like a code to put into your website and then you tell Pinterest to go look for it. And if Pinterest finds it, you’re a verified.

Someone came to the door and you answered it. What is this? 1972. Don’t do that.

Now my me next to me anyway. So hopefully that answered the question. If you still are not sure what the heck I’m talking about, please let me know and I’ll try and give you more details back to the profile. It’ll have your website and then it has a description of you. So this is kind of like your bio of Instagram. It can’t be super long. You want to have some keywords in there. Don’t keyword it, but definitely have things that people will be looking for. Mine says would flowers for modern weddings, a fun alternative to traditional flowers that lasts forever bouquets, boot, near centerpieces and more LGBT plus welcoming.

Pretty simple gets the point across a good, it was only your gardener Cassie. All right.

All right. So any questions about like the bulk of creating your profile so far, we covered what your cover photo can be. It can actually also be a video that’s fun, but there’s like a weird glitch where mine used to be a video. And if you went to it from Pinterest, like on your computer, it played. And if you went to it, my profile from within the, the Pinterest app on a phone or a tablet, it played. But if you went to my profile on a browser on your phone or tablet, it showed some random image that was not set by me. And wasn’t one of my pins and I have no idea where the hell it was pulling from. So I was like, I’m just going to make this an image. So risk it.

If you want to, maybe it was just a glitch with me.

Do you think for a product biz it’s better to have a pick of yourself or your product? Hm.

That’s an interesting question because for me, usually I just think of either a picture of yourself or your logo, but a picture of your product could be interesting too. I would say give it a try if it’s going, if you’re going to try it on a platform, I think Pinterest is the platform to try it on because when people will see like who posted it, it will be obvious that it was a business. Not like or more obvious that it was a business, not a person. Not that you’re not a person, but you know what I mean?

That’s an interesting idea. I’m not sure how a product would go. Amber said I have a picture of my product.

Okay. And do you feel like that does, okay. It looks good with like when you’re making your pins and all that kind of stuff,

while we’re waiting for an answer, I’ll get to the next part of the profile. So we got the cover, we got your profile picture. We have your title, we have your username, we have your website, we have your description right under that. It has how many followers and how many following this used to. Not really matter. But recently that has been going, becoming more of a thing. Like people are actually starting to follow people more on Pinterest than they were previously. I only have 151 followers as of right now that, I mean, I don’t really care about followers. It’s just a number, but yeah, that has been slowly growing in percentage for her cover.

At least I have a logo for my profile pic. Gotcha. Yeah. I have product photos in my cover, but I have my face as the profile pic.

Cassie, did you mean for your cover or did I just assumed you meant for your profile picture, but you might’ve meant for your cover? I only have pictures of product on my cover. I don’t have a picture of me on my cover.

And then back to the profile, it’ll have your followers and following. And then under that, it’ll have your monthly views, which are interesting because it is literally like today to three 30 days ago. And so if you had a spike in the middle of the day, that is off of your, off of that, like span of days, your monthly views will tank. And it’s very strange. Like I checked my view, my monthly views like two days ago and I was at 17,000 today, I’m at 14,900. So whatever happened in those last two or three days at the beginning of that span of time has dropped off. And now it has tanked gone down to 14.9 monthly views.

Cassie said for her profile pic, I don’t know anything about a cover photo yet. It’s just like on Facebook where it has like a cover photo and then like your profile picture in the middle bottom part of it as a circle, you can tell, these are all very original ideas. You know, they totally don’t just steal from each other.

So throughout this whole profile so far, you do want to be having keywords, but keep it targeted or set up for user taking it in, not robots. So, I mean, get your keywords in there. Don’t keyword stuff that you want someone to read it and it makes sense. And you don’t sound like you’re just throwing all of your, like all of your keywords at them.

I do have keywords at the end of my description where it’s bouquets boot near centerpieces and more, but because that’s what people are usually searching for on Pinterest. So I want to be able to come up for those words.

And then under that for me, since I’m logged in, I see a share button and an edit profile button. So that’s kind of not really worth discussing right now. I mean, edit profile. That’s where you would change all the stuff we just like talked about sharing is just provides a link or you can click on that and then directly send it to people like on Pinterest as like a message kind of thing. And below that, now this is like the main part of like what a Pinterest is. There are two links. They’re not really buttons. There’s no like pick like color or anything, but there’s created and they’re saved. Created is pins are pins that you made.

So anything that you yourself have uploaded as a pin to Pinterest. And if you click on saved, that’s where you see all of your boards and that has all of your boards are full of things. Either you posted or you share you like shared, saved pin from other people.

Amber said where there are significantly less opportunities to put in keywords on Pinterest, would you say the about section is your golden ticket. It’s definitely going to help you. I would say, get something into your PR your title, as helpful as you can with still having your actual business name in the title and then get what you can into your bio. I do treat it a lot like Instagram, where you want your bio or discreet like profile description. They’re essentially the same thing. You want it to have keywords, but not sound robotic.

So my, I don’t know if you were here for it, but my title is custom wood wedding flowers by heart and solar creations. So I have custom wood wedding flowers right there in my title. And then I also have heart and soul the creations, because that is my brand name, my business name, but I don’t repeat my business name in my description because that’s kind of a waste.

How have I lost anybody? Any other questions coming up?

Let me know. Even if you’re watching the replay and you have questions, let me know. I can always come back and answer or make a whole new post about it and answer for everybody to see. Because if you have a question I’m willing to bet someone else has the same exact question.

Let me know if I’m also going too fast. There is so much to cover. It’s already 9 23. And like, we haven’t even gotten to like, what the hell an actual pin is,

Victoria. Hello, thanks for joining. It’s not right. That you’re late. You can always go back and watch the replay, get catch up with what you missed.

I did see that a lot of people were commenting that they don’t understand like the point of using Pinterest. Like, is it just another thing to like take up my time? Or like, is there really a reason for it?

You can definitely use it to drive traffic to your website. And even if you don’t have an actual, like your own website, you can also use it for traffic, like sending traffic to your Etsy or wherever else you might be selling your items. They did announce a couple of weeks ago that they will be adding, shopping directly into Pinterest so people can shop by and complete purchases on the Pinterest platform. I don’t think it’s out quite yet, or they’re very slowly rolling it out as beta. So that is coming.

You’ll have to get a merchant thing. There’s like an application you can go through. You can apply now though, if you have, if you already have a, like a shop like online it’s I think it’s a lot like Pinterest, not Pinterest. That’s all. Well, yeah, it’s a lot like Instagram and Facebook shopping, where you have to have like a catalog that you can apply with and do all that kind of stuff. But yeah, that’s like way down the line. Let’s go back to like total basic. Sorry, I got a little off topic Raquel, and hopefully I’m saying that, right. I just created a business profile this morning. I’ve never had one before.

What is the process slash take steps to take when you start? I would say when this is all done, go back to the beginning of the video. Cause I just covered like the main chunk of like what a profile is and like how to address each thing, like your title, your description, your cover photo, all that we have already talked about that. So I don’t want to do it again since we’re already like a long time in, but the info is there and you can, you’re more than welcome to go back and watch the replay at the end or whenever you have time and ask questions as that happens, Cassie. So this feels really dumb. It’s not, I promise, but I don’t understand how it works or what the strategy is. All right.

I can get to that next.

Like once I finished setting up my account, what do I do? How often do I post? What does the post look like? The shopping within Pinterest part is why I wanted to tune into this. I think it’s about to dominate hard. Very true. Yes. I, it seems like there is definitely like a desire to learn about that. So I’m probably going to do a separate live, I think on Monday, like diving into like what the hell those announcements were and like how that’s gonna work. But tonight I don’t want to like overwhelm people who have never used Pinterest before. Like I just want to keep this like super basic let’s get started.

That kind of stuff.

I don’t know how I do, but I have a verified merchant on your, in your profile. Like you are a verified merchant. I mean, that’s pretty cool.

Can I see? He said, heck yeah. Great news. Yes. Yes. Kellyanne said yes Monday.

All right. All right. So let’s go into like, why you might even like, why should you do this? Why should you get on Pinterest? That kind of thing. I said that earlier probably before anyone was even actually on here. So I probably should have waited, but Pinterest is like the third ranking search engine of the internet. So it’s Google, YouTube, and then Pinterest. And that’s where people go to find things they need. If you’re in like an artsy kind of area, which we most likely all are. That’s kind of the point of the group, Pinterest people or your people Cassie said. Yep. Super fair. I feel like the biggest new I have my account mostly set up, but it says it’s waiting approval.

I think that’s why I can import my products yet. Yeah. They’re probably getting like swamped right now with people applying. Cause everyone wants to get like ahead of the curve, you know?

So you did mention strategy. What’s the point? What’s the strategy. That kind of thing. The point is to get more traffic to your website or wherever you’re selling. And then, I mean the end goal is to make more money.

I think we can all agree on that right now.

Pinterest is going to put at T out of the out of business and I fucking hope so. I said it, I hate

I use it, but I don’t sell on it because it’s not nice to its sellers anyway, different topic, the strategy of Pinterest. So the fun thing about Pinterest is that it’s super low maintenance. I mentioned earlier that I have 14,900 monthly views right now. And a few days ago, like a week or so ago, I had 17,000 monthly views. And between that time and like Christmas, I didn’t post, I didn’t pin anything. I didn’t do anything. So I had nothing for weeks or months and it’s still going. It’s also really cool because you can get way ahead of the schedule, things on Pinterest, you’ll pin something today and you probably won’t see it like really take off or like really get you anywhere for three to six months, which sounds really scary.

But that means that right now you could be posting about back to school. And if you’re posting about back to school things, right now, you are in way better shape come August or July or whatever it is around your area. Then whoever is posting back to school stuff in July and August.

I don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s how it works.

So when you’re, if you do Christmas Hanukkah, new years, like that kind of stuff, you want to be posting that stuff in like June and July for it to be like in the cycle, by the time people are looking for it.

Does that make sense? Do people understand what I’m saying?

Kelly, you also hate at T

Okay. So another thing that a lot of people think of when they think of Pinterest is a blog and you do not need to blog to have a working Pinterest to have a functional Pinterest. You can link to anything, That’s it. Every pin needs like five things and that’s some sort of graphic, whether that’s a photo or a video, a title or a headline, a description and a link. And there was a fifth thing, maybe not relevant boards. So like where are you? Save it as a relevant board. Talk about being seasons ahead. Yeah, Kelly, but you can think of it as you already have the photos of whatever you made for the last season, whatever that was, start making pins with them. Now pin them in June and July.

You don’t have to be making things right now for that. Just use pictures you already have.

And the lifespan of a pin is like practically unlimited. My top performing pin currently is from 2019.

Can you post those five things please? Yes, I can.

I will be doing a, so since there is so much information here, I will be doing a review post tomorrow in the group with like all of the main takeaways. And then there will be a full blog post probably next week, because there’s just so much cover.

I’ll put it into a comment really quickly right now.

So a graphic element, like a photo or a video, a title or headline, whatever you want to call it. I think they call it a title on Pinterest. But I think of it as a headline,

Abby, there will be a replay. So as soon as this is over, it has to like do its thing to like get saved on Facebook and then you’ll be able to rewatch it. So you can go back to whichever part you missed and get all the information again. And then you can pause, write down anything. You need to know what that kind of stuff Amber said. So my products are pulled from my website and created independence. Should I also be creating different pins? Yes. You don’t need to be, but it will benefit you to do your own pins. So like I said, it just needs to be a link. So I usually say don’t like direct a pin to your home page. And that just from a user standpoint, if I saw like a product I was really interested in, and then I clicked on it to like, go learn more about that product.

And they just took me to the store’s homepage. I’d be a little confused.

So try to take them to whatever is most relevant for that image. So if you have an image of, you know, like a wintery poinsettia or however you want to say it, I know people argue about that.

Don’t link that to like your spring decor page. Does that make any sense? If you are making, if you’re a painter and you paint, like you paint a landscape painting, don’t link that to a portrait painting, like make it make sense.

Also I heard we need to pin other people’s stuff too, to help gain traction. Okay. So you can pin other people’s stuff. And it used to be recommended that you pinned 80% of your own content and 20% of other people’s content. But as of now, that really doesn’t matter. Like there isn’t a best worst do this, do that kind of thing. Pinterest just wants quality content. So whether you’re pinning your own or someone else’s, as long as it’s a quality pin, the graphic is clear. The graphic makes sense. The title makes sense. The description makes sense. The link works. That kind of stuff like Pinterest will be happy. Okay. So yeah.

I mean, definitely like go ahead and like pin other people’s stuff. I don’t want to like tell you to not do that. I do that. It’s a great way to build up your boards, go for it.

Oh my God, there’s this brand. I keep getting ads for on Facebook and I’ll love the dress and the ad. And then can’t find the damn thing on their website. Exactly. Don’t do that.

The strategy behind it is like I said, get more people to your website or wherever you’re selling. Eventually get them to just give you money. That’s the end goal. So you want to be able to get in front of the people who matter, who are going to care about whatever you’re sharing, who will be wanting to buy your stuff.

So make sure all of your stuff is relevant. And then you can have as many boards as you need. It’s usually recommended. I think that you have at least 10 boards like base at least 10 boards. And then on each board have 20 to 30 minimum pins, which sounds super overwhelming. I understand.

But when you are in the mindset of you go on Pinterest, you look up a thing that’s relevant to you Scroll through pen, pin seven things, search something else, scroll through pin four. You know, that kind of thing. Like just Work on it.

Amber said, oh, and when we link stuff to pins to our websites, do those count as back links that I’m not sure about someone earlier today did say that links from social media and other platforms do count as backlinks. I would have to look into that, but they should because there’s literally what it is. It’s a link to your website on another website, Abby, is there a copyright, whatever, if you pin other people’s items, There’s probably a gray area, but my answer is going to be no, because depending in general, you can pin. If it’s already a pin, like you can save it.

The problem there would be if you see a pin and then you save that image and then you go to your website and you upload that image as like your own image like that stealing. But it’s kind of like on Facebook, if you see a photographer’s album and you share their album, like you’re not stealing their work, it’s still linked to them. You’re just sharing their thing. So when someone makes a pin, regardless of who then pins it, it’s still going to have the original pin Account attached to it. Does that make sense?

How do you actually create a pin? Great question. So if you go to and you are logged into your business account on a browser, like on a computer, you will see at the top, it’ll have like the Pinterest logo, design features, logo, business, create analytics and ads. And if you click on create, there’ll be a dropdown and you can create a pin, create an ad or create an idea pin and an idea pin that you can think of those as like an Instagram story that doesn’t die,

Cassie. Okay. So what should the board be like? What I put bridal jewelry, minimalist, jewelry, whatever. Or should it be like women owned businesses for women’s history month?

It depends. So as long as it’s relevant to what you do, it can be a board. My boards are Heart and soul creations, which is just like a generic, like general broad. If I can’t figure out where to save something, I’ll save it there. I have wedding dash solo wood flowers as a board. And that is, I only pin my own stuff to that board, those two boards. And then I have a wood flowers for home decor and gifts. Like the first ones are very like me centric because they’re going to be the top of my profile. And then I got into like wedding planning, tips from heart and solar creations. And that is mostly my own. They might only be mine. I’m looking at it now. Yeah.

They’re only mine right now, but I do have, I promise I have worked with other people’s stuff on them.

Then I have like wedding cakes, custom color palettes that I have made. And then I have a color palettes board that other people have made like as an inspo board, I also have saved the dates, wedding planning, tips as a board. And those are all someone else’s pins. Like I’ll just go through like different save the dates that I thought were cool. I saved them. I have a board that’s non-binary and non traditional wedding outfits.

There you go.

So I think as long as it relates to like your industry or what you do, I think it’s fair game. Amber, will I get punished for making a gazillion pins at once? Or do they not care? I don’t think you’ll get punished, but you might find it easier or a better return on your time to like, kind of spread them out a little bit. Like I said, it’s not like Instagram where you shouldn’t be posting a million times a day. Cause you’re just going to like over saturate your own profile. You can definitely do multiple times a day, but I also recommend the more you spread it out, the more active you’ll look, the more Pinterest might like that.

I just covered like a million different topics.

Hopefully I answered all the questions so far. If you have any others, let me know. Where should I go from here next? What are your questions? We’re at nine 40, just in case anyone is like, needs to go. Like that’s totally fine too.

How often should I create pins? I think that goes along with like making them all at once. I use Canva and I’ll make like a new document of pins and then I’ll make like a whole bunch of pages and then I’ll save those. And just like slowly upload like one or two a day. Ish. When I think of it, I’ll go on and I’ll doubt, like I’ll upload another one.

When someone goes to your profile, it’s automatically on the created section, not the save section. And if you just scroll down, they’ll see all of your most recent pins.

Keep that in mind.

You might not want upload ones that all look identical, like all at once.

You do want to switch up your graphics. Pinterest likes new graphics. Can pins be on multiple boards? Yes they can. I would suggest spacing it out. So if I pin something to like, I create a whole new pin tonight, I save it to a board. Maybe next Thursday, I’ll go on and I’ll go to that board. I’ll go to that pin and then save it to another board of mine. You don’t want to create a whole new pin. That’s exactly the same. Every time you make a pin, it has to be a different graphic.

What do you mean by switch up your graphics? So that’s the fun one say, I know you make jewelry. So let’s say you have a new necklace that you’re working on and it is a pendant necklace. I don’t know anything about jewelry. Don’t come for me, but like say a dependent necklace with a gold chain. You can put a picture of that. And then you can put text over it, like on Canva. And you can say, you know, this kind of gemstone pendant on a gold necklace or gold chain or whatever. Sorry, I don’t know the charge.

And then the next time you make a pin change the color of the text and like where it is on the image. So like the photos the same, but the graphic is different.

And then Pinterest will see that as a whole new graphic. Okay.

You could do like someone like wearing the necklace and then the next time you upload it, it’s like a closeup of them wearing the necklace. So it’s technically the same photo, different graphic.

Does that make sense? Am I confusing? Anybody? Abby said, I’m digesting, thanks. I have to explore this. It is a lot to take on, but it’s not complicated. Like it’s not easy, but it’s simple. Mostly

Sort of. So if you go to like my Pinterest, I actually don’t do this too much, but you can have, if you go to like Canva and you look up

like there, Pinterest like Templates, you’ll kind of see what I’m saying, where you can like change up where things are and stuff like that.

Cassie said, I’m a little confused. Why would I make a second one with the same product?

I have a ton of pins going all to the same image, having them with a same product, but a different pin gives you more content and it might appeal to different people. So you have a picture like for me, a picture of a bouquet from a wedding is going to target or appear appeal to different people that a picture of the arch from that same wedding.

So like it’s the same wedding and it’s still wedding flowers.

That kind of thing. I do blog personally. So I have a blog about a wedding that I’m like, totally like putting out there pretty heavily and just training up, like what photo I use and all linking to the same blog will help get more people to the same end result.

Amber, just as a reminder for all of us, will you explain why it’s important to make sure your pins have your logo on each one of them? Yes. It’s like a watermark. This does get kind of dicey. If you’re using professional photos and then putting your logo on them because you didn’t take the photo and you don’t own the photo. So that’s something to keep in mind if I just upload an image, like no text, no graphic, anything just like just a photo. I do not put my logo on that. And unless I took the picture, some people might not agree with that, but that’s what I do. But yet people will be taking picture, taking your stuff off of Pinterest.

How I mentioned earlier that like, it’s not an issue to just repin someone else’s stuff. But if you save that image and then put it up on your website, that’s a problem. People do that. If people are assholes, it will not end try to mitigate that by putting your logo on things. Hello, Ann Marie, thanks for joining.

I try to keep my logo pretty small. So like it’s on there and they could crop it off if they want to, but it’s there.

I also put my actual website URL on my, on almost all of my pins. Like at the bottom, I just put like

Maybe for us who haven’t made an account, we could do another video chat for now. What do I do? We have? And I think I made a pin properly at the very beginning of this. I did cover like the basics of setting up a profile so that like the replay might be helpful. And then if you have more questions, feel free to ask in the group. And I will answer as best I can.

Because like I said before, if you have a question, I can guarantee you, someone else has the same exact question.

What other questions are coming at right now?

Anything 9 47 right now for me on the east coast. I don’t have a life. So I’m fine to keep going. If you guys have more questions, if I’ve overloaded you so much tonight and we need to call it quits, like that’s cool too.

I’m not seeing any other questions I’m waiting. Here’s another one. Can this be a series of videos? This is super helpful. And I really need some big handholds with Pinterest. I mean, sure.

I’d also be totally down with like making a course for you guys to just like go through at your own pace kind of thing.

I don’t know if that’s really something y’all would like, I can make a little poll. I didn’t know. You could do a poll on a Facebook live. That’s cool, Liz. Oh, I’m always, I wait as always. That’s okay. There’ll be a replay. And you made it now.

I thrive with live videos. Okay. Well, I mean, I’m, I’ll do another one on Monday for the shopping, more advanced kind of stuff, but I can do another one kind of like in the middle.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched a course that I’ve purchased. Oh, you’re wasting your money then lady

I’m kind of the same way though. I’ve probably only watched like half and probably finished even fewer.

One thing I forgot to mention going all the way back to making your profile. So we’ve got the cover, your profile, picture, your title, your website, your description, and then your board. So under your same section, there’s your boards. And you can make a board cover, which is a square graphic and you make it as like a regular old pin pin it to that board. And then when you go to that board and click edit board, you can select what the cover is. And that way you can have branded covers on your profile.

Amber, can you go over how to create a board real quick? Sure.

So if you go to Pinterest and you are just like searching through your home feed, you know, like seeing all these other pins, whatever, if you click on, save, not click on save. If you click on the pin, like click on the image, there will be underneath, excuse me, there’s a button to save. And then next to that, there is a dropdown and it can be, it’ll pull up all of your boards. And if you want to create a new one or you don’t have any yet at the bottom of that dropdown will be a little plus sign and create board. And then you’ll be able to create a board straight from there. You name it. You can say whether it’s a secret or not, which I can get to in a second.

And then you hit create and it’ll create a new board with that pin already on it.

And if you’re doing it the other way, where you are creating a brand new pin, when you click on create and then create pin on the top, right? It’ll have a dropdown again, same thing. It’ll pull up all of your boards. And if you want to make a new one, you can click create board. And same thing you put in the name. You say, if you want it to be a secret, and then when you hit publish, that will create the who, the whole new board. You can always go to your boards from your profile and edit the board from there to change the board, cover to change the title of it, to add a description to it, that kind of stuff. You can always, you can do that from your profile whenever you feel like it.

Hopefully that answered your question. Amber, let me know.

Crystal, did you make your Pinterest profile and Canva? I made my cover photo in Canada. Yes.

It’s a 16 by not 16, like colon nine, 16 to nine dimension. If you go to canvas and you click on, I think it’s presentation 16 by nine or 16, colon nine. That’ll be the right dimensions. And then just one image or video. But I would recommend doing an image right now because I had some weird glitchy stuff happening with the video.

Keep your text off of the bottom. Cause that’s where your profile picture will be.

Cassie said I’m not seeing where the boards are. I’m looking at your profile as an example. Okay. So let me switch to my personal and then I’ll go look at my business. So I’m seeing the same thing you are. Okay. So you are on my profile where it says, do you see created and saved? You’re most likely on created. That’s the default. If you click on saved, that will take you to like my base profile. And then if you scroll down, you will see the boards.

And if you don’t, there’s a problem. So please let me know crystal, let me know if I answered your question about the cover photo and doing it on Canva. Cassie said, oh, so I guess that answered your question.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s weird. I don’t know why created is the default and not saved, but you know, whatever,

Surely yeah, the created one, it was just literally every pen I’ve created in reverse chronological order. So like the most recent to least recent. And it’s just all the pens I’ve made.

There is a Pinterest extension. If you use Chrome as your browser, your internet browser. And then if you go to any website, including your own and you click on that, it’ll pull up like all the images on the page and you can save to Pinterest straight from there, but that’s like a whole other can of worms.

We didn’t make a try. I haven’t missed any questions if I have missed your question and I haven’t answered, like I haven’t answered you yet. Like ask, please ask it again.

I’ll put the list, the link to my profile now. So you guys can see what I’m talking about.

Just be warned if you’re on your phone and you click on this link, maybe even on your browser, if you click on this link, it might take you away from this video. But I did just put my, excuse me, my Pinterest link in the comments. Can you rearrange your boards to be in whatever your order you want them to be in? Yes, you can. And to click and drag system so you can click on it. It might, I don’t even think it shows you like any indication that something’s happening, but if you click and hold on a board and dry it, they will rearrange.

And you can do that whenever you want.

I did mention secret boards. I don’t want to forget about that. So secret boards are exactly that. They’re a secret, they’re a board on your profile that only you can see, or if you add collaborators, which is a whole other thing.

But if you make a pen and you pin it to your secret board, it will not appear other places. It will only be on your secret board and then no one else can see it. So for example, since I do wood flowers, I might save another wood forests stuff, but I don’t want it to be like, as an advertisement. I just want it to be like a, for me, like kind of inspiration or a pin that like a couple has sent me as an inspiration. You can have secret boards for your, for each project and then save pins there. And that way no one else will be seeing it.

And Marissa, thanks for this. I’ll have to catch the replay. I haven’t had much luck with Pinterest. It takes a while. Like I said earlier, I don’t know if you were here yet, but it takes like three to six months to see a return. So when you’re starting to pin for like, if you start pinning this weekend, I wouldn’t expect to see any like traffic coming to your website from it or any like real high impressions on Pinterest until like July.

So back to school stuff right now. If you got back to school stuff, That’d be a good place to start.

I’m going to block you that I don’t know if you can block people on Pinterest rude.

But when I do a weddings with planners or styled shoots, like there’s usually a secret board that we’re all like collaborators on so we can all see it. But like, if you go to my profile, you can’t see it.

I’m really glad you were telling us that because it would feel like such a bummer to put a lot of effort in and then just get nothing. Yeah, it, yeah,

I wrote J K, but it went too far down the comment. No, I saw it. I’m just goofing around. I get ya.

Are there any other comments? I had so many notes, but like, we just totally like took off.

I think we covered most of it. Most of the stuff that I had written down.

So if you have any other questions, let me know. We’re almost an hour in

And if there aren’t any other questions, I’ll go ahead and wrap it up and get on with our lives.

Can I see that I’m excited for Monday’s live. Yes, yes, yes.

I did watch all of the summit today, Pinterest summit today. So I can talk about all the things that they announced.

Do you, do you see any other questions yet? But I do know there is quite a lag, so We’ll just sit here for a second and see.

And if you’re watching the replay drop comments with any questions and I will answer them as best I can as always let me know if you’re watching the replay, that’s always fun to see people going back and watching them.

Did I mention anything that I glossed over and you would like me to go back to? That’s also perfectly fine to point out cause I know I kind of bounced around a lot.

Try not to sometimes there’s just no helping it though.

All right. I’m not seeing any other questions. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up. It’s been an hour. Thank you for staying with me asking questions. Hopefully I didn’t confuse you or totally overwhelm you. I will be going live again on Monday. I will figure out a time. I haven’t looked at my calendar yet, but there will be another life on Monday to be more about the most recent announcements that are kind of like an advanced level of Pinterest. Like if you’re just starting out, that’s probably going to be a little much unless you spend like all weekend deep diving Pinterest and figuring it all out.

Everyone’s welcome though. I mean, maybe I’m making it out to be more advanced than it actually is, so we’ll see how it goes, Cassie. Thanks for being so generous with your time and your knowledge. Super appreciate this. My pleasure. I know Pinterest is a huge thing that a lot of us were wondering about. It’s a big topic lately in a lot of groups that I’m in. So I was like, let’s talk about it.

It definitely seems like the questions has stopped. So thank you all for joining me. And I will see you on Monday about more Pinterest stuff. And then I will also be announcing April’s weekly topics probably this weekend. So there is a post in the group, not on the event page, but in the group to vote on what your four top topics are. And then those top four topics will be the topics for April’s weekly videos. So go vote because I don’t want to cover something that nobody cares about.

That’s a waste of everybody’s time. So thank you for joining me. Let me know if you have questions. If you’re watching the replay, drop more questions. If you were here all night and still have questions, drop more questions. And I thank you all again. And I will see you on Monday. Bye!

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