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Laurie Curtis Mentor Session Notes

Mentor Session Notes

Laurie Curtis – August 2, 2022

Put together a line of flowers for Wet Nose & Bows

  • DBA Ideas
    • Stems of Beauty
    • Forever Stems of Beauty
  • Specific colors, for her & her students
  • Bring Laurie on in January
  • Seasonal color palettes
  • Process
    • WNB will use specific flowers
    • Customers can buy those flowers on Laurie’s site
  • How to sell
    • Only x available
    • 1 week processing time
    • “X amount will ship by the end of this week, any orders after that will have a one-week processing time”
    • Affiliate link specifically for WNB’s item(s)?
  • Business Plan
    • Whose name is on it
    • Where it’s being sold
    • How it’s being sold
    • Exclusivity for color palettes
    • How will broken flowers be fixed
    • Recommendation: Search Pinterest for “craft business plan”

Create a Website

  • Ideally by Christmas
  • Most likely Shopify
  • Purchase domain for NameCheap
  • Shopify is $30/month
    • Online credit card rates: 2.9% + 30¢ USD
    • In-person credit/debit card rates: 2.7% + 0¢ USD

Create Contracts

  • Custom work such as decor
  • Weddings
  • Something to CYA with Wet Nose & Bows

Want me to handle building your website?