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Top 5 Product Photography Tools

When it comes to product photography – and videos! – for your business, these are the tools that I always recommend.

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Amazon product photo of a Logitech webcam.

Logitech Pro Stream Webcam

Great for live videos, virtual meetings, consultations, and recording both landscape and wide-angle videos. It’s highly adjustable to fit onto your monitor, laptop, etc. The bracket/attachment part can also be closed and the camera can sit on any surface.

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Amazon product photo of a 10" ring light with remote that shows 3 light temperature options.

10” Selfie Ring Light + Remote*

I use this (as a light) for all of my video calls, live videos, etc. It’s fantastic for recording videos, Reels, and TikToks, taking selfies, you name it. The phone holder is adjustable and moves around for nearly any angle & the entire light section swivels. The remote works via BlueTooth, so it should work just fine with any smartphone.

*The exact ring light I use is now $73 – I’ve linked a comparable one that’s a lot more affordable.

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Amazon product photo of a kid with 3 softbox lights and carrying case.

Photography Kit with 3 Softbox Lights

Ok, this one is an absolute necessity for product photography! It provides up to 3 light sources, and each lightbox diffuses the light for soft, even lighting so that you don’t get any harsh shadows. I don’t know how anyone (who takes product photographs) can do it without these!

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Amazon product photo of an Adjustable Studio Background Stand.

Adjustable Studio Background Stand

Background stands can obviously be used for photo/video backgrounds, but I’ve also used mine as a background at markets and expos. It collapses down to be pretty small, comes with its own carrying case, and is very easy to set up & take down, even on your own.

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Replica Surfaces – Backgrounds

Replica Surfaces offers tons of different photography backdrops that are just under 2ft x 2ft. They’re sturdy, high-definition, and stain-resistant. There are frequent Limited Edition releases, too, so be sure to get on their email list.

Warning: once you buy one, you’ll want them all!

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These are affiliate & referral links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using any of these links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you’d like to shop all of my favorites – check out my affiliates page!

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